Students for Change

Student protest

March 14th Walkout

What is a walkout? 

A walkout is simply that -- students walk out of their classes and their school buildings, in order to protest injustices. 

March 14th Walkout Specifics


A full Washtenaw County high school walkout to promote gun control and stand in solidarity with the numerous victims of gun violence. 

To educate and inform both students and the general Washtenaw community on gun violence, mental health, and how we can work together to create safer schools and a safer local and national community. 


10am: ALL schools walk out of classes and buildings. If anyone asks you what you're doing, let them know. Ask them to join you. You are acting within your legal rights. 

10:45am: All students meet in the Ypsilanti High School parking lot for a rally. 

                   - Transportation will most likely be provided by chartered buses for Lincoln, Milan, and Skyline. We will continue to update our twitter with new information on transportation.

                   - We ask that those who do have vehicles at their disposal use them! Give your friends a ride! 

11:00am: The rally will begin. This will include speakers, a die in, and tables with petitions, voter registration, and general information on gun control, mental health, and school safety. 

As of now, we will have several student speakers, a gun owner in favor of gun control, a spoken word performance, and a spokesperson from Moms Demand Action.

We ask that you visit our twitter for updated information on speakers.

What to bring

Yourself! Your friends! (Participate! Show up to the rally! Spread the word! Show up to meetings!)

Wear orange, the representative color for gun control. 

Wear school swag / bring a flag so we can show participation from all Washtenaw county schools.