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March 3rd Die In

March 3rd Die In

What is a die In?

A Die In is a type of protest wherein participants lay on the ground, as if they were dead, to represent lives lost -- in this case, due to school shootings and a lack of comprehensive gun control. 

What is this DIE in, specifically?

This Die In, organized by the Pioneer High School CAPE club and supported by the Washtenaw Youth Resistance, is a Die In to specifically remember lives lost in school shootings. We will remember those lost in all our school shootings, and stand especially in solidarity with the most recent Parkland tragedy. This Die In will be to support the families and friends of victims, as well as to pressure local and state legislature to act to better our gun control law. 

Where will this be? 

We will meet in front of the City Hall building on March 3rd, at 2pm. 

How do I get involved? 

Contact the Pioneer High CAPE club through their instagram:

Contact Washtenaw Youth Resistance at

OR just show up! We always welcome more people. 

What should I bring? 

Yourself. You are important. You can also bring posters.