Students for Change

what we believe

School Safety and Gun Control

National and State-wide Platform

no guns in schools. period.

1. Teachers must NOT be armed. This only increases chaos, danger, and emotional turmoil. 

2. Police officers in schools must NOT be armed. 

3. Police officers should be required to complete implicit bias training and certification to work in schools

you must be 21 to buy a firearm.

1. You can educate yourself before voting, while using a gun can often be a fight or flight reaction. 

Background checks and training must be required before purchase of a firearm.

1. Like cars, training before using and purchasing a gun MUST be required. 

2. Implicit bias training for all gun owners MUST be required. 

no assault weapons.

1. "Assault" implies an attack on humans and that is never required, unless by the military. 

2. No bump stocks. See the above point. 

repeal the dickey amendment

1. The CDC must be able to research gun violence. Education and knowledge are power, and we must have the power to make our children safe. 

Washtenaw County Platform

gun buy-back programs.

1. Once a month on weekends, schools should provide safe spaces in which students and community members can turn in their firearms, without fear of legal retaliation. 

increased mental health resource ACCESSIBILITY

1. School social work programs are overworked and understaffed. This MUST change. 

Police demilitarization