Students for Change

your rights

         Know Them.          Use Them.

Knowing your rights and responsibilities as a citizen* and as a student will help you as you protest, and as you move through the rest of your life. 

For your rights as a student in America: 

For your rights as a Washtenaw County student:


- If you are 18 years old, you are an adult and can legally act as you wish. You will still be considered truant, but no one can ever try to stop you. 

- Police will NOT stand at doors to keep any high school student inside. They CANNOT. 

- Protest is a part of democracy. We have the right to assemble, we have the right to protest. 

*school law (how they can/cannot punish) applies to all students, whether official American citizens or not. Washtenaw Youth Initiative recognizes and respects that there can be more fear of punishment based on your citizenship status, but we welcome and will protect all members of our Washtenaw community to the best of our ability.